“Great Attorney”

“I don’t even know where to start. For myself & my family Dan Lukasik was the light at the end of our tunnel. He is what you hope for in an attorney & so much more. Dan has a heart of gold & truly wants to help his clients, in every way possible. I am so thankful that we were led to each other. Dan went above & beyond what we even dreamed of.”

“Above & beyond”

“When I was in a car accident, I met with Dan, as a friend. We spoke about what kind of process it takes to determine the true nature & extent of my injuries. I met with my doctor, who advised conservative treatment until leading to an MRI. The MRI showed significant injuries which would require surgeries to remedy. Dan was supportive and helpful throughout. After a surgery got messy and radically changed my prognosis, it became clear this accident’s effects were life-changing. With Dan’s experience with doctors & surgeons in the area, I was able to navigate to the best care available. In the end, my injuries left me permanently disabled. With Dan’s perseverance, along with the supporting efforts of his firm, they were able to secure a settlement that could compensate my family for the livelihood that I would no longer be able to otherwise provide. Every step along the way, Dan was a real friend to me, and honorable in all his dealings. While I miss being able to do my job professionally anymore, Dan made sure there was enough there to cover for the loss of the income from it, structured to pay for life. Plenty of attorneys get the reputation of being crooked, or being ambulance chasers. Dan is a shining example of an exception to that reputation. Never once, throughout the process did I ever feel like just a name on a file. Dan made every effort to rectify all things possible to make sure I had the best opportunity to go forward a close to whole as conceivable.”  – Posted by Dave.

“Amazing Lawyer”

“Back in 2013 I was injured in a slip and fall accident in an industrial plant and had to have neck surgery. Feeling like I had nowhere to turn, in my situation, I was referred to Dan. He not only took on my case, but he spent countless hours on it. He only treated me with respect, was compassionate and truly cared about my well being. In the end Dan helped me get a settlement that will help me and my family for years to come. I can’t express in words how much Dan has done for my family and I. Thank you very much Dan!”  – Posted by Nick.

“My Compliments to Daniel Lukasik”

“Dan Lukasik, has been very outstanding with our case! He is very pleasant with us, he spends many hours reviewing events, discussing thing very thoroughly so we understand. This unfortunate event in our life could not have been given to just any Lawyer, Dan has be remarkable in many ways and we would recommend him to all our friends and family.” – Posted by Sheralee.


“Dan is always very responsive to me and issues that come up. I highly recommend him and his firm!” – Posted by Jeremy.

“Highly Recommend Dan”

“Dan is currently handling a personal injury case for our family. I find him to be trustworthy and professional lawyer who keeps us informed and up to date regarding the case. I would highly recommend him.” – Posted by Joe.

 “I Highly Recommend Dan”

“Dan is not only a very accomplished lawyer, speaker, and professional. He is an outstanding         human being. I would highly recommend him, because he has a vast understanding of his field and a great compassion for the people he serves.”  Posted by Mike.

“A Trusted Advocate Whose Knowledge, Expertise, and Loyalty are beyond Reproach”

“Daniel Lukasik has handled several legal matters for members of my family and me over the last several years. In the fairly short time that we have known him, he has become a very valuable counselor and advocate, as well as a trusted friend. Dan has the ability to connect with you and extrapolate the information he needs to help you in a timely fashion. He has a unique ability to empathize and put you at ease with the confidence that he will provide the necessary counsel to achieve a favorable outcome.” – Posted by Nick.

“Dynamic Trial Lawyer”

“Active listener well suited to understand legal issues and advocate vigorously for client. Well versed in law and commanding courtroom appearance and demeanor puts Mr Lukasik as determined litigator.” – Posted by Bruce.

“Personal Injury Case”

“My son had extensive injuries after being struck by a car. Dan and his team were not only responsive, but also compassionate to my son’s every need. He visited him in the hospital to ensure his care and treatments were top notch.  Dan’s firm took on the insurance companies and made sure my son received the settlement that was entitled to him. I can’t thank Dan enough for his hard work and dedication to resolving this matter. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!” – Posted by Larry.

“Excellent Attorney”

“Dan is representing me in a personal injury case in which I sustained a traumatic brain injury and herniated disc in my neck. He is a skilled, devoted attorney who has treated me with dignity and respect throughout the case. My family is going through the roughest time of our lives, and Dan has gone above and beyond what most attorneys would do to help us through this time. He is compassionate, understanding and spends an an enormous amount of time on my case.” Posted by Pam.