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Slip and Fall

In Western New York, the risk of a fall-down injury is a constant worry throughout the winter weather months. But the risk is part of life even in summer weather. In public buildings or in parking lots, many hazards stemming from negligent maintenance could lead to a fall-down injury.

  • Premises liability
  • Fall downs & the elderly
  • Fall downs & children

Among the most common locations for such injuries are stairways and other uneven surfaces. Factors such as inadequate lighting or failure to mark off an area under construction can also lead to injury.

A fall down, or a slip and fall accident, can happen due to any number of reasons. The following are a few common factors in a fall down accident:

  • Property owner ignores safety codes
  • Torn carpeting, broken handrails, uneven floor in a building
  • Narrow stairway
  • Poor lighting

How do insurance companies treat fall down accidents?

Some insurance companies might offer a lowball settlement to a person who is injured in a fall down accident, or what are commonly known as “slip and fall accidents.”  Our attorneys know that insurance company adjusters might try to argue the injury is “minor” or that the victim did something to cause the accident. The lawyers at our firm have heard all of the excuses adjusters use to keep payments to an absolute minimum.  We aggressively protect the rights of clients injured in fall down accidents. For a free consultation, contact us today. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies to reach a settlement that is favorable to our clients.